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March 2010

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Today's Cool Site of the!Votetocracy is a site where citizens can vote on every bill in congress and send their vote to their representatives. We tally the votes and show if citizens agree with congress. This is essentially a rating system for congressional representatives. We like to imagine what would happen if 10 million citizens voted yes for a bill and congress voted no. What that influence a representatives behavior? We think so. See It & Rate It HERE.Visit Cool Site of the Day

Today's Cool Site of the Day:Outward Bound!Outward Bound is a non-profit educational organization that serves people of all ages and backgrounds through active learning expeditions that inspire character development, self-discovery and service both in and out of the classroom. Outward Bound delivers programs using unfamiliar settings as a way for participants across the country to experience adventure and challenge in a way that helps students realize they can do more than they thought possible. See It & Rate It HERE.Visit Cool Site of the Day