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July 2009

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20 free SEO video lessons. Watch and learn: # TWITTER TWENIUS TIP: Every Tweet has its own stand-alone "status" page. Are you making use of these? # TWITTER TWENIUS TIP: Even an attentive follower won't read all your tweets. Thus rerunning tweets is a good idea # TWITTER TWENIUS TIP: Secure multiple Twitter accounts to protect usernames important to your business # SEE & RATE Today's Cool Site of the Day: # TODAY'S COOL SITE: A blog about the best opening shots on films and TV. GREAT archive. #

Today's Cool Site of the!A leading international online pet social networking website and online pet service platform dedicated to pet lovers and pet businesses; a people-centric pet loving community that allows members to best profile themselves and multiple pets, and the online marketing platform that provides premium business solutions for pet product companies, pet professionals, non-profit pet organizations, online pet stores and other small pet business owners.See It & Rate It HERE.Visit Cool Site of the Day

Keyword research tips: Start with Google's Keyword Tool (free) and then check out Wordze: # TWITTER TWENIUS TIP: Don't Tweet unless you are smiling. Trust me, others can tell. # TWITTER TWENIUS TIP: Want more followers? Be YOU (only notch it up) # TWITTER TWENIUS TIP: On Twitter be unique, be interesting, be appropriate

TWITTER TWENIUS TIP: Every Tweet has its own stand-alone "status" page. Each can serve as mini-landing page # LIKE WINE? So did yesterday's Cool Site of the Day: # MY FRIEND'S WIFE: RT @funkyjam_propp One of Sang A's bags is on the cover of WWD today. So proud of her