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April 2008

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A recent Brazilian YouTube sex scandal threatened to close down every WordPress blog around the world.Did you hear about it? It's already called "YouTube Gate" -- apparently a spicy sex scene was posted on YouTube and someone discussed it on a WordPress-hosted blog.The problem is the Brazillian courts placed a ban on viewing the IP address of the entire WordPress website

Monitor This! Let's face facts. These days, you can get your music almost anywhere, but here you'll find links to some of the best indie record stores across the country. And yes, we mean RECORD stores. Update: Looks like this Cool Site of the Day has gone by the wayside.  Oh well, we enjoyed it while it lasted! However, Monitor this has moved to RecordStoreOfTheday. This web site  promotes an event that takes place once a year in which hundreds of independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music.  Also, RecordStoreOfTheday still has the same feature of being able to find

Neatorama!Great blog filled with, as the name implies, neat stuff perfect for widdling away the last hours of the work week! My current fave is George Takei singing "On the Road Again!" it out at: Cool Site of the Day