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March 2008

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The Old Timer's Machine!Have you ever wondered what you will look like when you grow old? This web site allows you to upload pictures and see. There are features like adding clothes, facial features and changing the pigment colors of your face. Check it out at: Cool Site of the Day

Vino Vixenz!"Vino Vixenz is a snob-free zone for learning all aspects of wine culture. From how to pronounce difficult wine names to free wine reviews and ratings. We provide a free online guide of information to help the every man and women learn more about every aspect of wine. You will also learn how to buy wine that you love by browsing our free wine reviews, rating, guides, and more. Impress your friends. Be a connoisseur in days!"Check it out at: http://www.vinovixenz.comVisit Cool Site of the Day

Thinking about that Subject heading ("Actionable Items") makes me laugh; if you've been paying attention, just about everything I post is 'actionable' meaning 'act now and good things will happen later' in your life and business.Where to get a great logo