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Image of ryan carson of treehouseThis is a wonderful interview with Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson (@ryancarson)

. Ryan talks about how his 60-person company thrives without managers AND a 4-day work week. Thanks, GrowthEverywhere, for another great commute podcast 😉


Source: How Treehouse, an $8M Revenue Company, Operates on a 4-Day Work Week

Another brilliant interview by Alec Baldwin (@heresthething – @AlecBaldwin). This time with Howard Schultz of @Starbucks. A great listen for anyone who a) loves business; b) loves corporate social responsibility; c) loves coffee; or d) loves a good story (hint: he’s got a good woman).

Schultz is a Brooklyn boy whose father worked menial jobs to support the family, Schultz thought his way out would be through sport. That is, however, until he broke his jaw on the football field at 18 (an injury from which Schultz is still recovering). For the next three years, he made cold calls, a job he hated but which ultimately taught him about how to sell himself. He soon connected those selling chops with a small Seattle coffee roastery called Starbucks. He hoped to expand the chain to 100 (no, 75!)  stores; Starbucks now has 25,000 locations across the globe. Howard Schultz—who has been at the helm as CEO for most of the company’s history—tells host Alec Baldwin that at the core of that success is a desire to build the kind of socially enlightened, employee-focused business that his father was never able to work for.